Goat's Milk Soap for Soft, Hydrated Skin

Why Use Goat’s Milk Soap for Healthier Skin?
Lots of us struggle with how to maintain soft, smooth, clear skin without the use of harsh chemicals, but let’s face it: Most natural beauty products don’t work. (Yep, we said it). Yet, while synthetic topicals and creams may work well, many of them are laden with chemicals and harsh fragrances that are hormone-disrupting and even cancer-causing.

Which is actually  the reason we started Amara Marie: to provide women with non-toxic beauty care options that actually works while leaving skin clear, healthy and radiant. Luckily for us, Mother Nature has gifted us with some beautiful building blocks that make our products both functional and luxurious while allowing skin to withstand the harsh demands of daily life and still look gorgeous.

One of our favorite ingredients from Mother Nature’s bounty is Organic Goat’s Milk. While most facial soaps and body washes consist of a water base, our Handcrafted, Goat’s Milk Bar Soap is made with 100% pasture-raised Goat’s Milk, which means your skin will never feel dry, dehydrated or stripped of its delicate oils. Whether you suffer from dry skin or just want to keep your skin healthy, goat’s milk is packed with health benefits for all who use it.

Benefits of Goat’s Milk

It Exfoliates The Skin
Goat’s milk contains very specific acids, AHAs, including lactic acid, which help to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface. By removing lackluster skin cells, skin is left soft, smooth and beautiful, not to mention younger looking. On the contrary, water-based soaps contain harsh chemicals to accomplish the same benefits, which can actually cause more harm than good, leaving skin damaged and dehydrated.

It’s Packed with Vitamins
Goat’s milk is packed with many different vitamins, but particularly Vitamin A, which is known to repair damaged skin cells. Vitamin A can even reduce fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin with a youthful texture. Water-based soaps will sometimes include added vitamins, but sadly, most of them are synthetic and don’t work quite the same as natural vitamins.

It’s Ultra Moisturizing
The fat found in goat’s milk is highly moisturizing for skin cells, because epithelial cell membranes (skin cells) are made from mostly fats and need them replenished to maintain their health. Which is especially important during the cold winter months when skin can easily become dry. Unlike water-based soaps, goat’s milk soap will not dry out your skin, which is helps to keep skin naturally moisturized and healthy.

Consider the Source

We take care and great pride in sourcing all of our goat’s milk from pasture-raised, ethically-treated goats because sourcing matters! What you apply to your skin has a large impact on our overall health, which is why we only want to use the cleanest, and most pure ingredients we can find. Knowing our goats are well taken care of and eating healthy diets that support milk production is also something we find important.

Goat’s Milk Soap, the Ultimate Go-To
Every skin type can benefit from using organic goat’s milk soap. Made from Mother Nature’s finest ingredients like organic goat’s milk, grass-fed beef tallow, organic coconut oil and natural essential oils like lavender and frankincense, our handcrafted goat’s milk bar soap is specifically made to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and nourished without any harsh chemicals or fragrances.