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We Believe:

In transparency. In simplicity. In purity. In truth.

And we’re here to change the way you think about skincare forever.


We don’t believe:

Beauty products should compromise your health.

Your skin needs harsh chemicals to look and feel beautiful.

Companies must choose between the integrity of their products or the success of their business.

 It’s time for a new paradigm.

 Amara Marie was born out of the idea that natural, safe beauty care shouldn’t have to mean sacrificed results and that transparency in our products should be of the utmost importance. The average American woman is exposed to over 150 different chemical compounds in her personal care products every single day, and many of those are known to be cancer-causing and hormone-disrupting.

 After taking personal health issues into our own hands several years ago, we began to learn about the impacts environment toxins can have on our bodies and health and set out to clean up our routines.

 Only, it wasn’t that easy.

 99% of the products we found on the shelves of drug-stores and the counters of department stores were filled with ingredients that made us cringe, and even products we found in “health food stores” left at least one or two things to be desired. It was frustrating and exhausting, and for a while, we sort of turned into tree-hugging hippies who didn’t take showers…

Of course, we’re kidding about that part… Kind of.

 But we WERE frustrated and sick of paying outrageous prices for high-quality, organic products that met the standards we were searching for. So, true to character, we took matters into our own hands.

 At first, we just started experimenting and mixing up concoctions for ourselves to make life cheaper and easier. It was great. We’d found a nice little secret and were loving the benefits. Softer, more even toned skin. Fewer wrinkles and lightened sun spots. Luxurious scents that made every morning and night feel like a spa date. It was the best of both worlds. Safety met beauty, and it was love at first sight.

 But then we realized something that changed our little secret into something even better…

 We realized it would be incredibly selfish not to share our little passion project. If WE had searched high and low for such products, there had to be others with the same frustrations, and the company was born.

 Amara Marie is named after the beautiful, baby girl who entered into our family at the same time we began this company. We were struck with how much her purity and innocence represented everything we wanted this business to encompass, and her birth into this world reminded us WHY we do this. So that women everywhere, and in every stage of life, can unfold their unique beauty with products they feel good about and a mission they believe in.