Menstrual Cramp Cream

Menstrual Cramp Cream

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Before finding out about non-toxic pain relief, we went through bottles of OTC pain-relievers during “that time of the month.” But, as we became more aware of the harmful effects of NSAIDS and other pain relievers, we started searching for different options.

Enter: Our non-toxic, anti-inflammatory cramp cream, inspired by our own struggle with finding a pain-reliever that not only worked, but didn’t cost us our health either.

Made with a blend of transdermal, analgesic oils and herbs, our balm absorbs deep into the affected area and creates a warm, soothing heat to lessen the pain and discomfort associated with monthly menstrual cramps.


Our Cramp Cream:

·      Contains a blend of turmeric, cayenne and peppermint which, together, act as the ultimate pain-relieving trio.


·      Can be massaged into both lower abdomen and lower back at first sign of cramps for gentle, heat-centered relief.


·      Is a wonderful alternative to internal pain-relievers. We suggest pairing it with some raspberry tea and cramp bark for some seriously soothing self-care.



Grass-fed beef tallow, Expeller-pressed grape seed oil, organic turmeric extract. 

Essential oils of: Cayenne, black pepper, peppermint. 

Recommended Use:

Massage a dime-sized amount of balm directly onto abdomen or lower back, or wherever pain is present, making sure it is fully rubbed in to avoid staining clothes. Let sit 2-3 minutes before dressing. Wash hands immediately and avoid rubbing eyes, cuts or scrapes.

If contact is made with eyes, do not use water to flush. Immediately dilute with oil of any kind (grape seed, olive, coconut, etc.) until stinging has stopped.